Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What we need here is a good rant

It's been awhile. So really, I will just rant for a few. Okay? Right.
Of course the danger in this is that I will likely be caught doing something I have griped about. Eh, I never claimed to be perfect (but I can guarantee I will never be guilty of #1)

(Some of) Rachel's Pet Peeve's:

-Not spelling things out when you write emails or similar...i.e. "u" instead of you. That's just lazy and it looks ugly.

-People that I haven't talked to in just about forever asking me if I'm dating someone in the first five minutes of conversation. It's not like you actually care, you just want to know.

-Saran wrap. Okay, I know that pet peeves are probably more related to verbs than nouns, but seriously, I hate that stuff. It always ends up in a big wad, only partially covering the opening that I want it to cover.

-Certain people that I may or may not work with that call me up just to whine. Um, there's a reason I never answer the phone when you call...we have Caller ID.

-Slightly dirty old men who give profuse compliments. It's just icky and none of us are fooled.

-Do things, listen to things, read things, etc. because you think they are "cool." Now I know I use that word myself from time to time, but I don't really buy into the ideas of "cool" and "uncool". Junior high was rough enough to have to deal with it yet again in my twenties.


Anonymous said...

You seemed to enjoy the saran wrap on saturday night. hee hee!

Rachel said...

My, that sounds awfully dirty, doesn't it?