Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yo yo yo

**Spoiler Alert! Photos of U2 concert included! If you want to remain surprised for your own show, look away!**

I went to the U2 concert last night. It rocked, as it should, given that they are the awesomest of Rock Stars.

Today, I am totally wiped out. And we're going to the Regina Spektor concert tonight (hellooooo coffee). Rather than attempt an explanation (I always sound like a swooning 13-year old in those despite my best efforts), I'm just going to post some pictures.

The Monster of a Set, in between the Muse and U2 sets.
From Drop Box

Our crew: Jean, Gina, Heather (hidden), and Sarah
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Smoke machines! Here we go...

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Yep, that's Bono in the spotlight and on the big screen.

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The screen is growing! Holy crap!

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"Sunday Bloody Sunday" (green in dedication to people of Iran)

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And then the lights and the music went nuts and we were overwhelmed by the AWESOMENESS that is (always) a U2 concert. Kick ass.

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The End.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My twenties, in summation

Graduated from college
Got a Master's degree
Went to London for a semester
Went to Paris for a summer
Went to Paris for a semester
Went to Bath for a summer
Got my first real job
Moved to Washington, DC
Visited Edinburgh, Rome, Florence, Pisa, Venice, Los Angeles, Monaco, New York, Lyons, Grenoble, Annecy, Valence, Cardiff, Dublin, Belfast, Berlin, Seattle, Las Vegas, Boston, Charleston and many, many others
Lived with Ebony for 3 years
Lived with Gina for 4 years
Drove a car from Texas to Virginia all by myself
Learned to drive in the snow (sort of)
Chopped off my long hair
Went to wedding after wedding in Texas
Was a bridesmaid twice (both times in red!)
Became an honorary aunt
Lived in at least 14 different houses/apartments (I shudder to think how many moves that was)
Learned to really speak French
Got my first credit card
Got my first loan
Signed my first lease
Taught myself to knit and crochet
Taught myself to cook (things other than cookies and pies and lemon squares, anyway)
Decided I like olives after all (the fancy ones, anyway)
Found a church and community to belong to without my family's help
Started a blog
Attended a Presidential inauguration
Met people representing approximately 70 countries

All in all, the 20's were great. Here's to the 30's: may they be just as wonderful!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Now THAT was a good weekend

This weekend was rather unusual in that I was both super productive and still felt like I got of good relaxing time. Things I did/enjoyed included:
  • Goodwill shopping hunt for a headboard (fail), but found three very nice clothing pieces instead. DC has great Goodwill shopping - apparently there are lots of rich people who like to donate unworn expensive clothing. Meanwhile, $5 silk J. Crew skirt for me!
  • Cleaned like there was no tomorrow - my room is almost uncluttered from all those little things that I can't quite figure out where they belong yet.
  • Made a framed art thingy to go over my bed. Originally was going to buy a print or something like that, but decided to try and figure out something with stuff I already had. Am pretty pleased with the result. Some of the postcards have fun stories (bought the two German ones at a museum in Bonn, Ebony sent me the New York one right before she started grad school) and others are less interesting (bought a set at the Barnes and Noble in Falls Church), but at any rate a few of them will be inspirational as places I need to get to.
  • Finally scraped the cracked and ugly college stickers off my car. Southwestern was missing like 4 letters, the longhorns were looking very was time.
  • Went on a 5.6 mile hike (according to the guide book) with Kandi out at Thornton Gap on Skyline drive. Today pretty much every part of my body is a little achy, but well worth it.

I also managed to get in many a viewing of Supernanny, as the Style channel was running a marathon, and I do get sucked into that show despite my childlessness. It's so cathartic.

So Happy Labor Day to you! Hope yours was also lovely and all things you wanted it to be.