Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's Tuesday, But I Want it to Be Friday

And not just in that "I'm so done with work and wish the week were already over" sort of way (even though that's a little true as well...).

Here are the lovely activities I have to look forward to this upcoming weekend:

Arlington Library Book Sale! I limit myself to $20, and usually walk away with a sack full of books. I know it's uber-nerdy of me to be so into it, but if the books were not on shelves, but in a big pile on the floor, I would probably roll around in them, because they are THAT EXCITING.

Dupont Circle Farmer's Market! Not for shopping mind you, I will be selling this super smelling soap. I don't exactly know why I'm so into farmer's markets anyway, but the thought of working at one is a whole other level of happy. Plus there's the added bonus of taking a twenty minute break and buying all of my fresh veggies and fruits for the week.

And then there's also sleeping, which is going to be exciting too.

**EDIT: There's also Crafty Bastards, featuring stuff from Joi!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Signs I might be aging

Hello interweb,

Today is my birthday! I am now 28. I've spent most of my birthday so far writing work emails and answering the occasional birthday call/email. Getting in touch with all of you lovely people out there is my favorite part...but the presents, they are also nice too :).

I took off yesterday as a present to myself, since it just wasn't going to happen for today with my work schedule, and let me tell you, I sure do know what I need, present-wise. I didn't even do anything exciting: I slept in, I ran errands, I began a major overhaul of my room. Everything just seemed nicer though: I slept with the windows open with a hint of a fall breeze coming in, I ran all of my errands in record time since no one was around, and my room is actually approaching some form of organization, which it hasn't in well...years. I also picked up my new glasses (which are very nerd chic - I like them). Then later I met up with friends and ate Caribbean food in the park, picnic-style. There was (and will be) no big party, no bar hopping, no super fancy dinner, but I am already relaxed as I head to the beach for the weekend, and that in and of itself is a lovely birthday place to be.