Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gina's and My Week in Review

The Most Fun:
Rice Krispy treats

Not the Most Fun:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Songs I've Been Rather Obsessive About Lately

(Part II, see here for I). Some favorite lyrics included for this round.

Still - Great Lake Swimmers
"I'm still tuned to an instrument of greater and unknown design, I'm still looking for direction, some kind of sign..."

The Aspidistra Flies - Stars

Blue and Gold Print - Mates of State
"We're just a little bit lost, inside our houses. We're just a little unkept, out in the streets..."

Kudos to Great Lake Swimmers for the double appearance!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today is such a do-over sort of day

As in, can I please just start this one again?

I'm solacing myself by having cheese (Montchevre, Le Cabrie...think goat's cheese flavor with brie texture) and fancy bread for lunch. With herbal tea, which in any right universe would be something MUCH stronger.

Still haven't found a house. Two possibilities and we will probably KNOW by tomorrow. Which still keeps me a little on the stressed side of things.

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Long Overdue Check-In

(Whew, pardon me while I clear off the dust around here...)

So what to tell about? This last weekend was Easter, and it was a good one. Ginger and James and the ever-adorable Daniel were in town after visiting grandparents. Babies grow so fast! I can't believe how much more mobile he is from the last time I saw him. Not quite crawling yet, but doing this army crawl one arm scootch that moves him along pretty well. He also has the most awesome hair, like, ever:

From Drop Box

That mohawk is all-natural, baby.

Gina and I are still in the throes of house hunting (with some help from Kandi thrown in...two bedroom? three bedroom? these are the questions...), and honestly I am so over it today. Perhaps tomorrow I will wake up with newfound enthusiasm, but we've been doing this for a month and half now, and it's just not any fun anymore. Also, SO MANY places we've seen don't have dishwashers in the kitchen. Not to a total brat, but come on people, what kind of place are you trying to rent here with no dishwasher? If I was checking out studios in the Village I would not be at all surprised to find no extra appliances, but I live in the suburbs. Dishwashers should be a GIVEN.

Mostly that is what's new around here...house hunting, friend-enjoying, etc. Oh, and I totally rocked eggs benedict for Easter brunch, so that was pretty awesome too.