Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Oh, ice princesses

Um, Canadian chick? The instrumental version of "Like a Prayer" was a bad choice. Seriously.

To my right, Gina informs me that the number reminds her of her 3rd grade talent show, in which she lip-sanc (lip-synched?) to either "Like a Prayer" or "Cherish" - she can't remember which one. She tells me to at least take into consideration that she was not the only lip-syncher.


Does anyone, when they think of Puccini's gorgeous aria "Nessun Dorma", also think slightly-slutty-hot-pink-outfit? Anyone? Anyone? Yeah, me neither.


Unrelated: I still can't distinguish between what's bobsled, luge, skeleton, etc. But two man luge? Looks a little uncomfortable. What is the point? To see how fast you can hurtle down the track with someone on top of you?

Monday, February 13, 2006

Snow Weekend

So kids, I've survived the winter storm that hit the east coast this past weekend. Well, I didn't just survive, I did great. Nothing like being snowed in and having no option but to lay around under blankets and watch movies and build a fire. That was a good time.

The only physical activity I did all weekend long was to dig my car out of the snow, because I knew the roads would be open again today and the thing is, if the snow melts a little and then refreezes overnight on your car, then you have to dig your car out of ice chunks instead of fluffy snow. I chose fluffy snow - much easier. It was also my first experience shovelling snow, which I can't say I really enjoyed all that much. It's hard. I'm a little sore today, to tell you the truth. But I feel it's a milestone.

Actually, I really should clarify - I barely shovelled anything at all. The homeowners association to which our landlord pays his dues had everything cleared at 10 am. But I still had like a foot of snow on my car, and once I brushed it all off, there was a big pile of snow all around my car that I had to shovel into the grass, otherwise it would refreeze (as discussed previously) and then my car would be trapped within ice speed bumps of my own creation. Plus our toolish neighbor left Gina a note about shovelling the snow from around her car - she had encroached a whole half-an-inch into his spot, and god forbid that a speck of snow should be near his Jetta. So I also shovelled to allay the wrath of the toolish Jetta owner (doesn't it just make you shiver in your galoshes?).

My apologies for the non-sensical nature of the above. I'm still sleepy from too much lazing around this weekend. And s'mores. Too many s'mores.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Breaking News: I still don't like Bob Costas*

Say it with me, Bob:

"La Bomba" = Alberto Tomba
"La Bamba" = Richie Valens

Very good.

*For the Olympic commentary anyway. I've been told he's good at network sports.