Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Oh, ice princesses

Um, Canadian chick? The instrumental version of "Like a Prayer" was a bad choice. Seriously.

To my right, Gina informs me that the number reminds her of her 3rd grade talent show, in which she lip-sanc (lip-synched?) to either "Like a Prayer" or "Cherish" - she can't remember which one. She tells me to at least take into consideration that she was not the only lip-syncher.


Does anyone, when they think of Puccini's gorgeous aria "Nessun Dorma", also think slightly-slutty-hot-pink-outfit? Anyone? Anyone? Yeah, me neither.


Unrelated: I still can't distinguish between what's bobsled, luge, skeleton, etc. But two man luge? Looks a little uncomfortable. What is the point? To see how fast you can hurtle down the track with someone on top of you?


Sarah said...

Did you see when Matt Lauer and Al Roker did the two man luge on the Today show? The noises they made were seriously disturbing and Al was on top(?).

Ebony said...

Bobsled is when they're in the sled with the sides, luge is when they are on the sled with no sides, and skeleton is like the luge except face first. I think.

Stereoette said...

dude. dont even talk crap about lip syncing. you may not remember, but it was a UIL sanctioned competitive event in junior high...