Monday, April 13, 2009

A Long Overdue Check-In

(Whew, pardon me while I clear off the dust around here...)

So what to tell about? This last weekend was Easter, and it was a good one. Ginger and James and the ever-adorable Daniel were in town after visiting grandparents. Babies grow so fast! I can't believe how much more mobile he is from the last time I saw him. Not quite crawling yet, but doing this army crawl one arm scootch that moves him along pretty well. He also has the most awesome hair, like, ever:

From Drop Box

That mohawk is all-natural, baby.

Gina and I are still in the throes of house hunting (with some help from Kandi thrown in...two bedroom? three bedroom? these are the questions...), and honestly I am so over it today. Perhaps tomorrow I will wake up with newfound enthusiasm, but we've been doing this for a month and half now, and it's just not any fun anymore. Also, SO MANY places we've seen don't have dishwashers in the kitchen. Not to a total brat, but come on people, what kind of place are you trying to rent here with no dishwasher? If I was checking out studios in the Village I would not be at all surprised to find no extra appliances, but I live in the suburbs. Dishwashers should be a GIVEN.

Mostly that is what's new around hunting, friend-enjoying, etc. Oh, and I totally rocked eggs benedict for Easter brunch, so that was pretty awesome too.

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