Tuesday, May 10, 2005

How many of us are there?

Today I got a really funny email today at my hotmail account. I have an address with my full name, for things like my resume and stuff. Apparently there are few girls out there with the same first and last name as me. I think most of them live in New Zealand, at least according to Google, and one organizes protests all over the northeast U.S. for something to do with the Zapatistas in Mexico. But back to today:

Hi Rachel,

I have sent Sarah an email about the rodeos this weekend. But you should contact her as well.

Her name is Sarah B and her email is: notgoingtoputouttherealaddress@someschool.ca

Take care,

Now, I don't know a Mel, but I am from a place where there are lots of rodeos and lots of Sarahs. So I wracked my brain, but nothing came up. Also, I don't know anyone from Canada and apparently that's where this Sarah is from. I wrote back and wished them well at the rodeo, but let them know that their Rachel was out of this loop.

I've also gotten follow-ups to other people's job interviews...I also wrote these people back to let them know, because how horrible would it be to not hear from a job because they sent it to the wrong Rachel? Wait a minute...maybe this explains some of MY non-responses. Hmm.

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