Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I was robbed, I tell you, ROBBED!

I was actually though. It's going to take me a bit to update everything, but here's the first in a series of what I've done with myself over the last week and a half or so.

So Sarah and I came into DC to meet up with work friends for brunch at the best-est brunch place, Kramerbooks, and drove in the rental car because trains on Sunday run about every 45 minutes. I locked it up, and Sarah helped me parallel park the thing because it was long. This is important to know for a later part of the story. Sarah stood right behind the car and watched me pull it into place.

Upon returning from the restaurant, full of yummy brunch goodness, we notice that her door is slightly ajar. We had come back with the friends to show off my RED bridesmaid dress, which we found crumpled in the floor. Thinking it was odd, but we had perhaps knocked it off when getting jackets out or something, we chatted some more and then got in to drive away. We then notice that the CD's I had (all five of them) were missing. Some other things too. Someone had broken into our rental car and robbed us!

Here's the funny part. They got almost nothing. We didn't have really anything of value in the car at all. For all their effort, the total take was as follows: five CDs, all replaceable; Sarah's makeup bag full of half-used makeup; a $20 point-and-shoot camera; and a homemade first aid kit, also Sarah's. So basically if they get $25 for the CD's they will be lucky, because no one wants Sarah's used makeup, except maybe Sarah.

We thought maybe it was a drag queen that robbed us, because the area is known for its queens, and Sarah did have some very nice Tweezerman tweezers in her makeup bag, but then she rightly pointed out that a queen would have taken the dress as well. What self-respecting drag queen would leave a red satin with silver beading floor length dress behind?

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