Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Oh, how I laughed

I went to see my ex-ballet teacher while at home...I took lessons from her for almost 9 years, and was her assistant through most of high school, so we're pretty close. It was kind of bittersweet really, because she's closing her studio and moving. It's all very understandable, being that the landlord is a jerk and she's tired of dealing with the horrible parents ("why isn't my daughter up in the front?"), but it still sort of saddens me that this very important place in my childhood will be no more after July 1st. Now it's this great loft in an old building, with a floor and a barre and a wall of mirrors, and tons of whacky decorations and leftover props from shows. There are class photos from every single recital, meaning that there is an entire wall covered in roughly 100 pictures. After July 1st it will probably be a quilting barn or some other sort of crap place that the WASPs in my town seem to love so dearly.

But that's not the funny part. She always tries to fix me up with her son when we mention my love life (or lack thereof)...even though he lives in Atlanta and we appear to have virtually nothing in common. He works on computers doing something with Unix, and that's the funny part. When he tried to explain to his mother the ballet instructor what exactly he did with Unix, she told him, "but honey, I'm confused...aren't those the Egyptian men with no balls?"

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