Monday, May 30, 2005

Direct from Our Nation's Capital

I love long weekends. Not only do you get the extra day of weekend, but you get to work a shorter week. Good stuff all around.

You might think that spending this holiday in DC would motivate me to get out there and see some parades and do some generally patriotic activities, but you would be wrong. I barely even left my house, although I did sit on the back porch and read for a while. I was so zonked after the last few weekends of flurrying activities that I relished the chance to just laze around. So in celebration of this holiday, I chose the following activities:

Saw "The Interpreter" with C. Good movie, very interesting plot. No interpreter I have ever worked with looks like Nicole Kidman though. Just so you know.

Grilled burgers with the roommates. Yum...we have a new grill.

Shopped at the mall with Adrianne. Now I have a new sweater that I won't be able to wear until October, but it was really cheap.

Read The Alchemist. Pretty decent little read there, I recommend it. Although "devoured" might be a better verb to use. I have this problem in that when I read things that interest me, I fly through them and sometimes miss details in my quest to know what happens. I know that I ought to savour and ponder and all those things, but it's not really possible for me to do it on the first round. I'll reread it some other lazy weekend and catch all the small but interesting tidbits I missed.

Watched "Anchorman". Bit of a let-down, not as funny as I was led to believe.

Went into town for church (and may have found a winner, yay!). Counted at least 800 fanny packs worn by people either with American flag, various tourist trap, or matching t-shirts. Thus cementing my resolve to not venture anywhere near downtown.

Happy Long Weekend!

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