Thursday, April 21, 2005

Worst poker face EVER

Someone informed me today after particularly long and mostly uninteresting staff meeting that they love to watch my reactions to things that are said. I realize that I am a bit of an expressive person, at least in that my emotions or thoughts can be very evident on my face. But this is not necessarily the best thing considering that I sat across from a VP and the CFO at said meeting. Oops. This has also happened before: in grad school, a particularly obnoxious classmate complained to someone we each hung out with (separately, I might add) that I always made really horrible faces when he was talking. I certainly didn't mean to do this, but then the guy was a complete idiot and I feel no shame in expressing my feelings, even as I did it unintentionally. Another time I was at a coffee shop watching a friend perform, and part of the show was this sort of awkward story with music thing. I was apparently so uncomfortable with the whole thing that a friend leaned over to ask if it was "really that bad." Clearly this is a sign that I should never try my luck at Texas Hold 'Em.

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