Friday, April 08, 2005

Okay DC, I give

This is not a city that I fell in love with immediately (i.e. London or Paris), but it’s growing on me. It could be that the change to daylight savings makes everything less dark and that much cheerier. There are other possibilities:

Trees in bloom: there are trees of every variety covered in blossoms. Cherry, pear, tulip (yes, Sarah, you read it right: TULIP TREES), and others that I won’t even attempt to name. I want to get out my camera and document it…this is possibly the most beautiful spring I have ever seen.

The Mall and Tidal Basin at nighttime: the buildings and monuments are nice enough during the day (if a bit formidable), but at night they are stunning and glowing with lights.

The dog park on my way to and from work: I’m not a big fan of dogs in general – I prefer to like them on a case by case basis, but this dog park has dogs of every shape and size. You can watch a dachshund try to take on a mastiff. Hilarity is bound to ensue EVERY TIME.

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