Friday, April 29, 2005


So a friend recently introduced me to xanga. This is a whole other, somewhat darker (for me anyway) side to the blogging world. Whereas many people I read have blogs they read listed off to the side (I would but don't know how to do involves some sort of html stuff that I am completely clueless about), these sites have people listing loads of friends. And all of these friends, mostly they write semi-diary entries about their lives. Which I guess I do too, to a certain extent, but sometimes they get really personal. Or detailed. Or whatever. But basically you can just click on one of their names from the side, and then click on one of their friend's names, and so on and so forth. After about 30 minutes you could be reading the break-up story of someone about 7 degrees of separation from you.

Does anyone really need a play-by-play of your entire day? I don't really care what you ate, and I find it difficult to believe that your friends care either. I find the relationship stories (where they describe their undying love and devotion to the significant other, especially with shout-outs along the lines of "I love you hunny!" or similar) to be particularly awful. And yet, like a train wreck, I can't. look. away.

Speaking of the above shout-out example, you should always be wary of doing such things. People are bound to mock you, and truly, you deserve it. Or perhaps, there might be someone, someone who might have been a suitemate of mine in college, and this someone might write "I love my honey!!!" as her screensaver, and the other, annoyed suitemates might change it to "I love my hiney!!!" and let it scroll along for days before that someone noticed. I'm just sayin', it might happen.


Anonymous said...

hehehe - I enjoyed the suitemate reference Rach.

Ebony said...

oh, i miss thee...

Holly said...

amen on the xanga :)


ps-can you believe that the xanga music site only had 2 radiohead songs? travesty