Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I have the hands of a prizefighter who can't afford gloves. I have seriously managed to injure four of my ten fingers in the last few days, and had to make an extra trip to the drug store for neosporin this morning because I woke up with the irrational fear that I was going to get an infection and lose one of the fingers. Some of the injuries have occurred at random - yesterday, looked down and saw bloody pointer finger (left hand) after rearranging chairs in a room; others have been...er, painfully obvious as to when they occurred (Cheese grater:1, Rachel's thumb: 0).


I watched the UNC vs. Illinois game at a bar last night. Being a UNC grad school alumna, I don't really care much but feel slight favoritism for them. I'm also from Texas and we don't so much care about basketball in relation to other sports (there is a reason that every football movie ever made is set there). Some things that occurred around this game however totally made my night:
1) There was a woman that gave spirit fingers (yes, SPIRIT FINGERS - if you need to ask, don't) to the TV every time UNC scored, especially with three-pointers.
2) A guy behind us that was loudly interspersing basketball lingo with food advice. An example or two: "They really need to get the ball to May more...I can't find good bagels anywhere here...Defense, Heels, defense!...They have the best Italian subs EVER..."
3) The people that have been out of college for AT LEAST ten years who were standing on chairs and barstools to lead chants and sing the school song. There is loyalty and then there's just crazy.
4) Last but not least, something actually related to the game: I love watching all of the players just lay on the court and stare at the ceiling. That must be such an incredible feeling. I also get a little misty when such awkward, overgrown boys hug their little short coach. So very cute.


A guy at the bus stop this morning started to talking to me about his love life. He was middle-aged, sort of drifter looking. He apparently had just broken it off with a woman he's been dating for a while, and commented to me "I think women really want guys that treat them badly, knock 'em around and stuff, you know? But I'm just a nice guy, I can't be like that." To which I informed him that I thought that was a good thing. When he got off the bus, roughly 15 minutes later, he turned to me and loudly said, "I hope you find a good guy, that's nice to you and doesn't treat you bad!!" The entire bus turned to look at me. And I laughed and laughed as soon as he was gone.


Holly said...

you found my xanga! like the picture? :) very good blog, but why did i just find it today? eh... you must have been bored at work again (b/c that NEVER happens :)

love you!

Rachel said...

Probably because I didn't tell you about it. Not for any reason, just didn't think about it.

Anonymous said...

Aww...the bus man sounds nice. I wish we had busses here so I could meet random people on the way to work! - steph