Friday, April 01, 2005

I have been told

That I look like Natalie Portman (and it destroyed all of my brother's fantasies, poor guy). This was usually brought up by totally random people, two of which are Pakistani (I wonder if there's any significance in that?). I don't really see it, but it's flattering, and I like compliments.

That being said, I also love Garden State. And I bought the soundtrack and listened to it pretty much non-stop last fall. It reminds me of getting to know DC, but that is a story for another post. So while I might have some resemblance to Natalie, I don't necessarily believe these songs will change your life, but they might make your day a little better (they sure do mine...and if you know me in person, you can picture me dancing around to them like a fool and that surely makes your day better too):

The Shins:
Caring is Creepy
Kissing the Lipless ("you TOOOLD us of your new life...")
New Slang
Young Pilgrims

White Stripes:
We are Going to Be Friends
Seven Nation Army

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