Wednesday, April 13, 2005


I am not a morning person, and as such I rarely get to work before 9 or even 9:30 some days. My bus ride to work generally consists of avoiding eye contact with the crazy people so as not to set anyone off.

However, on this particular morning, I got to work early so I could leave early to meet my dad at the airport. And if you get on the bus at 8 instead of 9, there are all of these cute little grade-school age children riding the bus with their older siblings, going to class. And they sit next to you and ask you questions, especially if you have a cool green pen, which is quite a novelty to a second-grader. (Eh, who I am kidding? It's a novelty to me too, that's why I use it).

Maybe this will motivate me to get up a little earlier...something I've been meaning to try for a while now. Every morning would get off to a better start if I could have a good conversation about the use of pens and pencils with a eight-year old.


Anonymous said...

Hey holmes, I would post a pic of the pen if I were you... the story would be tons better. But it would be better to someone besides me, if I were you, right? So it would be better to you and to other people if I were you. But if I were you then how would I know? I would have to depend upon people like me to tell me to post pen-pics. Well, anyway, I really want to see the pen, with its greenness, which is a new word, not 10 seconds old by the time this sentence is finished being written; okay 20 seconds.

Thanks to you my friend I have experienced the bus transportation crazy public thing. I still remember one of the ladies... and actually EVERY time I think about riding on a bus I think of her. Creepy. I really should ride on a bus again so that I will have more than one creepy memory to choose from. So now you will be riding the bus early every day huh?


Stereoette said...

SOME PEOPLE just need to learn to be patient when reading the blogs of others because sometimes others have to find an apartment and write papers and do oral arguments in front of real judges and sometimes others dont have time to blog when they are spending all their free time curled up in fetal position in the corner rocking back and forth because they are afraid of graduating...

just, you know, saying ;o)

Rachel said...

I don't remember the crazy lady from when you guys were in town. I think I've seen so many they all blend. Do share though.