Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Seven Random Facts

So Joi tagged me for this AGAIN. Isn't there some sort of double indemnity on these things :)? I'm trying very hard to list things that I've never written about before.

1. I was very into "imagining" when I was little, and my brother and cousins were excellent accomplices in this. The favorite game was to play Robin Hood, but we intentionally played the Disney version so that we were foxes and bears and stuff, in addition to being the Robin Hood characters. I, being the eldest girl and by far the bossiest, got to be Maid Marian, and Chris (also bossy and older) was Robin Hood. Anna and Aaron were very good sports as Lady Cluck and Little Bear for a while, until they rebelled and we made up new characters. I also have fond memories of myself as Princess Leia.

2. Several years into the pretending, Chris and Anna got a baby sister, which their parents named Marion. This was pretty much the coolest thing EVER.

3. I can still spent a lot of time daydreaming (grown up pretending, really), but don't think it's particularly healthy, so I try to avoid it.

4. I gave up buying unnecessary stuff for myself for Lent. In other words, I'm allowed to buy things I need that I run out of (i.e. soap, lotion) but no frivolous makeup or clothing purchases. While it can be tough, it's actually very freeing too. Presents for other people are allowed (so never you fear, February and March birthdays...and there are many of you!).

5. Until I got glasses in third grade, I thought everyone saw trees as sort of topped by fuzzy greenness. Imagine my surprise that you can actually make out individual leaves!

6. I love old things - old posters, maps, antique jewelry, whatever. I like the idea that there's some sort of unknown story behind an object, or even better if it comes with a story.

7. I listen to music obsessively. If I have something new, and I like it, chances are good that I will listen to it non-stop for a good couple of weeks. For this moment, that music is by Mute Math.

Okay, I tag all of the same people I always do. Woot. Ebony, Barbara, Steph, Anne, and Danielle.

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