Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And the fun just keeps on coming

Yesterday it took me almost 3 hours to go the 8.4 miles in between work and my friend Jill's house. I know it's 8.4 miles because I checked on Google Maps. We had some winter weather issues, and combined with the reality that people here drive like reckless idiots, there were about 25 major crashes all over the city, shutting down most of the major highways. People often refer to the famed Beltway as a measure of people's attitudes in DC vs. the rest of the U.S; however, it is in fact an actual loop that runs around the city - in other words, all the roads eventually feed into it. So when there are several major wrecks, all those roads that would normally lead to the Beltway are parking lots, and people like me, who really only need to get to that house...that little one right over there...are pretty much screwed.

I finally made it to Jill's around 8:20 or so and managed to make it in the front door without falling or anything (no small feat, I can promise!). We had a good visit about life in general and some books in particular, and then I headed home.

Flashforward to this morning...we have no hot water in our building. Gina and I had issues with our water last week - there was a continuous hot water drip in the shower that turned into a full-on leak. Our hot water is really, really HOT, so things were getting a little steamy. Our landlord was supposed to send a plumber, but he never showed, so after a long day of dripping, steamy water, our entire apartment was like an Amazon jungle. Everything was just a little damp, and Gina's wall calendar wilted. So today there wasn't any hot water until about an hour ago, and even then, it was really spotty - I had to be prepared to hop all over the tub to avoid the scalding hot or freezing cold blast of water.

The only saving grace is that we have a two hour delay. If I didn't have a mountain of work staring me down, I would totally just crawl into bed and call it a day.

I'm feeling a little whiny, despite having aired all of the above, so in an attempt to brighten my mood, I'm going to list the things for which I am grateful in the midst of this:

1. I had lots of gas in my car last night before I left work.
2. I had just bought a radio converter for my ipod, and had music the whole time.
3. I have lovely friends that are willing to entertain me through various phone calls and text messages while I'm stuck in my car.
4. I am now clean and don't have to go to work unshowered.
5. My winter boots from Sarah came in yesterday, so my feet will be warm despite the slush.
6. Tomorrow is Valentine's, and my friends are having a party, where there will be cupcakes and good people.

I'm so ready for some sunshine, literally or figuratively. I'll take what I can get :).

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