Thursday, February 21, 2008

I've been having some trouble with my grains lately. Last night, I attempted to make some bread (focaccia, actually, from a mix), and it didn't end well. Despite all the things I'm decently good at when cooking, I'm still very intimidated by bread, particularly when I have do the yeast thing. So this time I painstakingly checked the water temperature, added just a smidge of sugar like my mama taught me, and added the yeast. All seemed to be going well. I let it grow a bit, and then added the mix and the yeast water together. And everything seemed...runny. Really runny. Again, I'm no bread expert, but I do know the difference between dough and batter. And this was definitely on the batter side of things. Seems that in all my concern about water temperature and such, I had decided that the box said to add 2 cups of warm water when it really said 1 cup. Oops. I tried to fix it by adding some flour, but in the end, it was a yeasty gooey mess. That didn't taste very good. Fortunately the rest of the meal was good, however breadless.

And then this morning I exploded my oatmeal all over the microwave at work. Excellent.

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Jeremy Mink said...

I might have lol'ed at the explosion.