Thursday, June 30, 2005

Summer movies, how I love thee

I love the summer movie season. Sometimes there are really good, thought-provoking movies. Other times stuff just gets blown up. I do not care, I enjoy them all. Well, the ones I choose to see anyway...let's not get crazy...but I still see quite a few.

So far:
Star Wars III - fun to see all the plots linking up, still with bad dialogue (but then all, yes ALL, six movies have had some cheese-filled lines thrown around)
Mr. and Mrs. Smith - pretty people blowing things up and shooting; good time
Batman Begins - dark with lots of action, good plot; Katie Holmes did not suck like I thought she would

Still want to see:
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants - yeah go ahead and mock me, I don't care, I read the book and thought it was great; besides my 15-year old inner child needs to get out every now and then too
Madagascar - because I like cartoons, each summer needs at least one cartoon movie
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - am SOOOO excited about this one, because the original was so much fun, especially when I was little (this was the second favorite movie of childhood, first was Disney's "Robin Hood" - the cartoon with the foxes, etc.)
Wedding Crashers - those guys are hilarious, no way I'm missing that

Just give me one of the above and bag of movie popcorn with lots of fake butter (which I will eat all by myself, thank you very much...try to steal some without asking and you may pull back a nub) and I will be a happy girl.

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Ebony said...

Going to the movies is the only fun I have had all sad yet very enjoyable.