Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Coldplay: X&Y

I will share my personal thoughts, not offer any sort of critique as to the advancement of their style or the difference between the other albums. Just a heads up.

I really like the new CD. The tunes are great to listen to, especially on headphones when I want to drown out DC. Many of them are related in some way to relationships/love/etc. and my almost teenage enjoyment of this confirms that I have a pretty constant and profound crush on British rock stars. But I digress.

I love a good album that you can just put on and listen to without skipping any tracks. Picking favorites is hard, so I won't do that. But "'Til Kingdom Come" makes me a bit melty. And "A Message" and "What If" are deliciously bittersweet. The chorus on "Fix You" is SO GOOD. I like all the other ones too, but the describing may already be getting a bit trite. So here at my website, we give it a rousing thumb's up, if that's worth anything to you.

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