Friday, June 24, 2005

Cause Célèbre

I find it interesting that for many of the campaigns for global change - i.e. One or Make Trade Fair - they spend considerable space listing all of the famous people that support the cause. I can't decide whether I like this or not. I don't really have problems with famous (not to mention ridiculously wealthy) people getting behind a cause, I just find it sort of distasteful that the support of a celebrity is necessary to get us "normal" folks involved in something. I mean, shouldn't the cause itself be enough to get our attention? I can't really blame the celebrities for using whatever means they can to support a cause...but then I'm not moved to pray and act for an end to poverty in the developing world because Bono told me to (even though I do think he is awfully dreamy!). Maybe it's a greater commentary on society, I don't really know; that we need the cool people, the hip crowd, to tell us what we should support, what is important to us. Maybe it's just a fine line between creating visibility for a cause and making the cause more about its celebrity supporters than the people they try to help. I certainly don't have any answers...nor am I criticizing the aforementioned websites for their content, it all just strikes me as being a bit odd.

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Anonymous said...

I am sporting my ONE bracelet here in Kenya. You nver know when you might run into a U2 front man!

Thanks for the prayers, Keep 'em coming!