Monday, September 12, 2005


My visitor was bit by a squirrel this weekend. Now I'm trying to decide, urgent care clinic or general practitioner? I mean, everyone has opinions on what we should do, but none of them are really qualified to make those decisions.

And, just to reiterate: My visitor was BIT BY A SQUIRREL this weekend. I have such a weird job.

That is all.

**Update: Squirrels are not usually rabid as people tend to think they are. Especially in cities. In the event of a squirrel bite, wash with soap and water and keep an eye out for infection. Other bites to look out for though: skunks and armadillos. Because we have lots of armadillos in DC.


Stephanie said...

what were they doing that close to a squirrel?

Rachel said...

Trying to feed it or something (at least that's what I think I heard). Crazy foreigners, all into squirrels and such.

Stereoette said...

im laughing so hard i cant breathe.

once, my exboyfriend and i were having an argument while sitting on a park bench. a squirrel walked up to us, climbed into his lap, and just... chilled out.

i figure it should have bit him. but instead, it was so cute that it bought him 2 more months. damn squirrel.