Friday, September 30, 2005

I'm not really sure what happened...10 days with no blogging have just gone by really quickly I guess.

I went back to Texas. And there was a hurricane. Much drama - grandmother had to be evacuated from Beaumont (by the Air National Guard!), friend was trapped in Houston, other friends couldn't make it up for the planned Saturday night fun. It was crazy. But fun too, and incredibly hot. And that's not Paris Hilton "hot", it's 102-for-a-high-in-September-breaking-all-former-records-hot. It's almost unbelievable that I'm back up here and our low last night was in the 40's. One nice thing about the east coast: fall is an actual season as opposed to a couple of days in October.

I also went to the Coldplay concert, which was GREAT. I love seeing bands I like perform live, there's really nothing like it. And I got to feel like a benefactor: we had an extra ticket because Ginger (as formerly mentioned) was trapped in Houston, so at the last minute we thought to invite my twenty year old cousin. Turns out she is a huge fan and literally went into a girl screaming fit of excitement after I called her, prompting the girls in her tiny college dorm to ask "Is someone engaged!?" Oh but no, way cooler than that (at least when you're 20!) - Coldplay tickets!

I think that's it. I'm so glad it's Friday and the weather is gorgeous. I just might be a good citizen of our nation's capital and hit a museum or two this Saturday. I'll keep you posted...

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