Thursday, September 15, 2005

26 with a bang

Yesterday I turned 26. It was a pretty fun day, rather uneventful, but I got to hear from a lot of friends, which is really my favorite part of birthdays anyway. My favorite e-card was from my former roommate who is from Poland - she sent me a card that I couldn't really figure out at first, then I realized that at least half of the words were in Yiddish and the little dog in the cartoon had on a yarmulke. Hilarious, largely because I'm pretty sure she had NO idea what she was sending to me.

So in other news, Britney Spears also had her baby on my birthday (as Barbara so quickly pointed out in her e-card!). Sarah and I had been discussing that very fact on the phone, and how she was probably going to name it something atrocious. I hear now that it's "Preston", but in all likelihood, it's spelled Preztyn or similar. Because she's trashy like that.

And in the crowning achievement of my first day as a 26-year old, I got a slight case of food poisoning from my chicken salad that I had had for dinner, and spent the last 30 minutes of my big day (and the next four hours of the day after) feeling pretty awful.

If that's not an auspicious start to another year, then I don't know what is.

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