Wednesday, August 03, 2005

When squirrels attack

Yesterday a co-worker came rushing out of the copy room and despite being out of breath, whispered a message to me. The message prompted me to send the following floor wide email:


And of course, slight hysteria ensued. Turns out a squirrel had gotten in while we were having our airconditioner repaired, and had made a little nest with her squirrel baby in the copy room. Mama Squirrel was running around like crazy, and none of us were very excited at the prospect of going back in there to open the window (which was, of course, locked and couldn't be opened from the outside). So we did what all good company workers do: we called Maintenance. Poor guys, they were such good sports and let Mama out and caught Baby Squirrel in a net and set him out for her to take.

So then in the afternoon, the mama was back and was running around the outside, all around our windows and trying to get in and such. And it was making all of us feel really bad, because we thought maybe she didn't find the baby we left outside and something bad had happened to it or similar. But then this morning, the real problem was revealed:

Squirrels always have babies in pairs. Baby Squirrel #2 was still in our copy room.

And Mama Squirrel had somehow managed to get back in, and man was she pissed. Again the squirrel was running around like crazy, and again we called Maintenance. And Baby #2 was put outside. Unfortunately, as it happened, Mama Squirrel decided to give our poor worker a little punishment and bit him right on the hand.

Beware, beware. The squirrels, they are coming.

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