Wednesday, April 02, 2008

2 bits, 4 bits...

I recently was sent a video on you tube that featured a woman explaining how to put on make up. The model appeared to be around 6, and the whole thing was part of some series about throwing a "modeling birthday party." Pretty stupid, if you ask me.

I was also recently working on compiling a little list (that will come by later, never you fear) inspired by this one. It's not as easy to do as you might imagine. While pondering moments that are truly happy standouts, especially when I was younger, I really remember unhappy ones more - times when I was sad or embarrassed.

For some reason I have a distinct memory of going to a particular birthday party. The party must have been for both a boy and a girl, because we were divided into groups. And what was the activity? Well, the boys played some sort of sport (baseball, maybe) and we were the cheerleaders. For real. They passed out little pom-poms and had cheers printed out for us, the whole works. I think I was maybe 6 or 7. To this day I think of it all with a little cringe. And I'm not entirely sure why, to be honest. Nothing terrible happened, and I actually don't have any problems with cheerleaders generally. Perhaps even at that age, I knew these were not my people. And not cheerleaders, because some of them are DEFINITELY my people, but maybe folks that thought a birthday party that introduced defined gender roles to first graders (with props!) was a good plan.

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thanks for telling me about the rapture game (my site is the stuff christians like)

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