Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's Okay, TJ's, I Still Love You

Did you know that the time between 5-6 pm is cranky old lady hour at Trader Joe's? I, myself, did not know this fact until today. But I now I certainly do.

Normally I go early on Saturday or late on a weekday, but got out of work a wee bit earlier than usual, and I'm out of coffee (aka sweetnectar of morning caffeine) so I thought I'd drop by. How could I tell it was said Cranky Hour? Well:

-Apparently the lines were WAY too long. Unacceptably long. And anyone wearing a badge, including the checkers that were working very quickly to get everyone moving, got to hear all about it.
-The clementine oranges (which I bought, by the way) were marked from California, when EVERYONE knows that the best ones are from Morocco [dramatically put out sigh].
-Anyone caught dallying in a place that might slightly inconvenience someone (read: everywhere) got to hear about it with fake politeness: "Um, exCUSE me, THANK you."

The bitching was truly endless. Maybe these people didn't get the laid back memo about Trader Joe's - I mean everyone in the place is freakin' wearing an Hawaiian shirt. The whole reason I go to places like that is to ESCAPE from you uptight, repressed DC dames. Curse you all for invading my clearly designated, laid back, granola-type space.

In other words, lesson learned, and am vowing to keep to my original schedule without variance. And to thoroughly enjoy my Californian clementines :).


tracy said...

i would deal with cranky old women if it meant that i could shop at trader joe's. word on the street is that they have moved into atlanta...so i suppose there is hope for the future.

danielle said...

i LOVE TJ's. but like you, there are times that it's off limits. i discovered that while living in lafayette, ca any time between 430pm and 6pm was "stuck up rich soccer mom time" and after going once vowed to never do it again.

walnut creek (where i live now) is getting TJ's soon, so i'll probably have to redisover the bad times once again...

Anonymous said...

I hate it when people ruin the shopping experience! I end up with the really old people at HEB a lot and I've found that I can go down the next aisle, around and back to the first one half way down before the old lady in front of me even got to the middle of the first aisle. insanity!

Barbara said...

Yeah, I wish Texas had a Trader Joe's too. But, this is exactly why I went to the grocery store at 10:30 last Tuesday night for my pumpkin pie supplies.