Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A New(ish) Hobby

It's all Joi's fault, really. She (and her many crafty friends) are always making cute things and posting photos on their websites, and it makes me want to make stuff. There's also this side of me that really wants to make things that are tangible and do not deal with Microsoft Office in any way, shape or form. So when I went to visit Joi this summer, she taught me some basics of crochet. And then I went and bought a book, and now, in November, there is yarn all over my freakin' apartment (with apologies to Gina, who is a very nice and understanding roommate).

All of this is to say that, if I can get my act in gear, I might from time to time, show you guys stuff I'm making. So now you are forewarned. Also, this has led to conversations with other people who also do things with yarn (i.e. knit and/or crochet...there's a difference! I'm learning something new all the time!), so notice a new link to the right, so you can go and ogle the pretty things Ava makes as well.


Ava said...

Thank you, Rachel! You are so sweet! We all have yarn everywhere. Just wait until the yearly online "Flash Your Stash" comes around when everyone posts pix of their yarn collection. It's really something to see!

Rachel said...

I think I find it so ridiculous because I can't really make that many things yet. It's a lot of yarn for someone who basically makes scarves and a hat here and there!