Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Alright, ladies

I was chatting with my mom over the weekend (yes, she came in from Texas for what amounted to the most gorgeous fall weekend ever in DC) about my new discovery in skin care. I am, as I have perhaps previously mentioned, extremely cheap about things. I mean, I can spend money when necessary, but there is nothing I love more than a good deal, whether it be a sweater on sale or gas that is 3 cents cheaper than the station across the road.

So I have recently discovered that oldie but goodie product: Pond's Cold Cream. I have unbearably dry skin, which is just awful in the wintertime, and this stuff is great for it. Plus, it costs a whopping $5 at Target, which is just too cool. It got me thinking: which things do I consider my "secret" deals, and which things do I consider worth the splurge? Here's my list:

Things that are cheap but great nonetheless:
Pond's Cold Cream
L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara (seriously, this stuff costs like $6 as well, and it is AWESOME. I have puny eyelashes and people consistently ask me if I have fake ones on when I sport this)
Lubriderm lotion (okay, this isn't as cheap as some of the others, but I have yet to find an all-purpose lotion that works as good as this stuff does)

Things that I like to spend a little extra on:
Face masks (and really anything) from Lush (the masks are great - homemade, and work wonders - although it could be a placebo effect because I love everything they make* but whatever works, right? - and you smell so very wonderful from even being in the vicinity of the store)
Shampoo, conditioner, and Be Curly from Aveda (keeping the curls in line is totally worth the extra dough, plus it also smells so lovely)

Of course I am listing these things in the hope that all of you will chime in with your fabulous deals and such, because I would LOVE to add to my list. So, dish!

*Because I discovered the store while studying in London - over a weekend in Scotland, to be exact - and Lush has always had a special place in my heart since, although it is so very less coveted now that there are actually stores in the U.S. Things are less of a premium when you don't have to fly across an ocean for them...


danielle said...

i'm a huge fan of aveno lotion. it's expensive, but when you realize how long a bottle lasts you it's worth it.

i also stand by clean & clear face products. i hate spending a lot of face washing stuff and after paying an arm and a leg for spa-like products i realized they all really do the same thing. and i've been using clean & clear since i was in high school.

Rachel said...

I also love Aveeno - good choice :).

Anonymous said...

I still get pimples - which sucks - but I just started using tea tree oil on them and it kicks their asses super fast, and it's cheap. I also make my own sugar scrub out of white sugar, brown sugar, and oil (canola, veg, or olive). And I know this isn't cosmetic, but the Arm&Hammer laundry detergent is super cheap and seems to do the job. I've also heard that baby shampoo makes a good eye make-up remover. OH, and the Mary Kay Eye Primer really does make your eyeshadow stay on longer - I love it, wouldn't be without it. And of course I use chapstick as cuticle cream and to put on my nose when I have a cold so it doesn't "chap." OK, I'll stop blabbering now.

Ava said...

Wet'n'Wild lip liners, sold at the drugstore for 99 cents. Every bit as good as Chanel, which are about 18 times the price!

Rachel said...

Yay for the tips! You guys rock.