Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Why early flights should be illegal

Scene: Approximately 6:00 am this morning, at a baggage security checkpoint in the DFW Airport.

Random TSA guy: Miss, do you have in firearms in your bag?

Me: [Blink. Blink. Blank stare.]

Random TSA guy: Uh, miss? It's not you, I have to ask everyone that...

Me: Um, what was the question? Oh...right. Yes.

Random TSA guy: Yes?!

Me: Yes. I don't have any guns.

Lucky for me I look about 12 years old with no makeup and the hair in a ponytail, otherwise I probably would've been cuffed and face down on the tile floor. Sigh.


Stephanie said...

that's absolutely hilarious :o)

Ebony said...


I hope you had your coffee soon after that.

danielle said...

what a fun wake up call...