Thursday, July 07, 2005

This makes me so very sad. I know that terrorist attacks happen; frankly, I'm kind of at the point where they seem to be inevitable. But it still made my heart sink into my stomach this morning when I saw the news.

Despite past love letters to Paris, I'm equally smitten with London. I studied there when I was a sophomore...London represents Rachel at the age of 19/20, very clueless and naive, the first experience abroad, loving living in a big city (the city that started the must-eventually-live-in-a-big-city-bug), going to the theatre, trying Guiness and cider, feeling very grown up.

So what to do then? Besides thinking about the sad things happening to many beloved Londoners and listening to the radio reports...listening to Radiohead and drinking (strangely enough) French press coffee, just like it's 1999 and I'm in the kitchen on the third floor of the apartments on Auriol Road.

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Stereoette said...

Oh my god, i was just trying to remember the name of our street there. this news has really upset me, i guess b/c i have become quite the city kid since good ole' London semester. I suppose all you can do is pray for the people there... and cross your fingers for the first chance to get to go back.