Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Feed me

I wonder what the magic age is when you stop appreciating a free lunch or dinner. My guess is never. But I don't know if that "never" includes going to meetings specifically because you know there will be food there...just like in college where I didn't really care all that much about the beautification of the campus mall, but free pizza? I'm in.

I'm going to dinner with a family friend on Thursday night, and it may or may not be some sort of fix-up, as there is a grad school son involved. But again, this is something I am totally willing to overlook/put up with for a meal in a restaurant I have never been to. I'm downright excited to tell you the truth. Of course the family friend is really nice and I had a good visit with her at the otherwise not socially exciting wedding, so I'm sure it will be fun on all fronts. But still, free dinner!


Ebony said...

Let's not be so quick to rule out possible dinner-date set-ups. Good things could come from this, and I don't just mean just the food. Wear something cute, that shows your great shoulders, don't slouch and don't forget the lipgloss!

Anonymous said...

P.S. If you're truly looking for a man, I've got a secret in my pocket for you!


Ebony said...

How intriguing! Please go fishing in C's pocket. And if you find the prize not to your liking, ship him down south and I'll see what i can do.