Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hello everyone! Sorry for the hiatus, wasn't exactly into the idea of being on the internet all that much. I was on vacation, after all...not that I didn't check my email at least once a day, because I am attached to it as though it is my invisible umbilical cord to the outside world.

I had SUCH a good time, got to do everything on my list and lots more. Movies in my hometown theatre are a whopping $4.50 for the matinees, so I saw two. I also ate lots and lots of Mexican food, and some barbecue; it all comes back to food for me.

There's more, I'm sure, but my brain is a bit fried. I drove 20 hours to get back to DC, so I could have a car here. Oh the glories of a car in this formerly inaccessible city! It cut my commute in half, and that alone was worth the twenty hours. But I saw some interesting things along the way:

License plates are quite varied. I saw one with a dancing crawdad in the middle, and I thought it was from Mississippi but then I couldn't find it on their website. A dancing crawdad license plate might make living in Mississippi worthwhile. Maybe the plate is from Louisiana - that might be more appropriate, but it was impossible to find anything on their website (which is also quite appropriate). Kentucky, however, had one that looks as though it should be painted on velvet.

Somewhere in southwest Virginia, there is a person or company building houses that look just like Lincoln Logs structures. Each log had to be at least two feet wide (in diameter, for you math nerds out there) and the houses even had the same little green roofs. There's no explaining taste sometimes, I suppose.

The Blue Ridge mountains are bee-yoo-ti-ful. I would totally have taken the scenic route had I not been roughly 16 hours into the trip.

Near Luray Caverns, they have "ENDLESS CAVERN" written a la the "Hollywood" sign on the side of a mountain. Seriously...illusions of grandeur much? I mean, I'm sure they're great but no one thinks you came up with that ad idea on your own.

Mostly the drive was uneventful. And it was quite enjoyable. Not that I'm looking to do it again any time soon, but all things considered I definitely had a good time. Now I just need to get lots of sleep to recover!


Ebony said...

Isn't the Blue Ridge mountains where Dollywood is? I SO want to go to Dollywood. I watched a whole special on it on the travel channel just a couple of weeks ago. I think that should be our next big vacation, screw Greece--Dollywood has funnelcake!

SMR said...

I drive by that Lincoln Log house everytime I go home!