Friday, July 15, 2005

I'm comin' home!

Look out, Texas, because I will be there at approximately 7:41 pm. For my week and some-odd days at home I would like taste/experience/participate in the following (in no particular order):

Cheap movies
Mexican food
Happy Hour in Austin
Sonic fountain drinks
Chat with Brianna
Hang with my extended family
Drive a car
Catch up with Sarah
Give Eb hugs

And then I ask all of you to think of me on Monday and Tuesday (the 25 & 26 of July) as I will be driving a 1999 Saturn across the country. Yay for a car in Virginia! Someone really ought to warn Target. And Trader Joe's. For those of you in DC: will miss you, have a fun week, try not to cry yourselves to sleep every night from missing me; for those in Texas: can't wait to see y'all!

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