Monday, March 07, 2005

When will I be a grown-up?

I am still coming to grips with the idea that I might actually be an adult. That may sound a little strange, but considering there are many days when I feel like have all the social wherewithal and self-confidence of a thirteen-year old, it's not really all that bizarre. So I started thinking, what are the milestones, what really makes me a grown-up?

1) The ability to walk in high heels: Check (most of the time...). I've been pretty good with the heels since high school though, chalk it up to many years of ballet lessons. Although this morning I came very close to falling down the servant quarter-like staircase at work because I lost my balance and my hands were full.

2) Drinking coffee: Check. I probably drink more than is good for me actually. And I'm talking about real coffee here--I get up every day and grind it and brew it myself, I don't go to Starbucks and get some icky sweet creation that is more milk than coffee.

3) The ability to hear someone describe me as a "woman" without making a face: Um, no. I can't do it yet.

4) Knowing what I want to do with my life: No idea at all.

5) The ability to take care of myself: Debatable. I'm not much of a cook, although I can feed myself. I try to be responsible and save money and things, but then I see something cute and splurge. I owe a ton of money in student loans that I have barely made a dent in paying off.

6) Having a husband or child: Hah! Like I'm even close.

I realize this list is not exhaustive. Suggestions for additional criteria?


Anonymous said...

how about:
1. being able to say, "kids these days" in a totally exasperated voice, without a hint of irony
2. being able to order a drink (or 10) at a bar
3. making decision based on what is best for you rather than what is the most fun

check, check, working on it

Rachel said...

I love your first one. I can even picture my mom saying it!

Stereoette said...

(1) walking in heels

che... ohhhh, damnit. I was just telling Ebony how I can't do that. I suck. I'm clearly not a grownup. I'm going to go to a corner and suck my thumb and cry now. Excuse, please. *sniffle*