Friday, January 16, 2009

Weighing My Options

So as you may have heard, there's going to be a new President come Tuesday. And because of this, millions of people are descending on Washington in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the action. Since I already live in the metro area of the city (Arlington, to be exact), I'm trying to figure out what I should do. Keep in mind the following constraints:

  • All but one bridge into the city from VA is closed to car traffic. The one bridge that is open is A) going to be really crowded, and B) still really far from where the action is taking place.
  • It's going to be like 30 degrees on Tuesday. For the high, not including the wind.
  • I have neither a ticket to the swearing-in nor a bleacher ticket to the parade. The parade route has a maximum of 300,000 or so bystanders, and they're estimating at least 2 million people coming in.

I want to participate in some form, because I think it's cool and historic, and also because I don't really plan on being in DC forever and I don't know how many inaugurations I will have the chance to attend. So what to do? I have plans to crash with a friend in DC proper, so that's a start, but I'm lost from there. More research is necessary, but I'm already quite sure that I'm not die-hard enough to do any sort of hours long waiting/camping out. Thoughts? If you lived here, what would you do?

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