Friday, March 21, 2008

Things That Continue to Baffle Me About the East Coast

1. The fact that the mulch that is used by everyone from little old ladies to companies with sidewalk flowerbeds is really, really pungent and foul smelling. I know they don't have to use this stuff, because other places also mulch their flower beds with far less terrible odors.

2. The need for all drivers to back into parking spots as though some sort of quick get-a-way is imminent.

3. The incredulous response you will receive when explaining you'll be driving 3+ hours "just to get away for the weekend."


Michael said...

I especially like when people back into spots that are angled. Is it really more convenient when the end result is driving the wrong way done a one-way parking aisle?!

My word verification for posting this message is "balgy". This is my new favorite word.

Anonymous said...

I back into parking spaces as do the rest of the members of my family here in Texas. When you arrive at the parking space you have control of the aisle that you are traveling in. When you go to back out, you do not have that control. Other vehicles can approach you from either direction which you have to be able to spot by looking over your shoulders. By facing the traffic that you are pulling out into there is no problem leaving your parking space. Also my past experience as an investigator for an insurance company taught me that some folks will cruise the aisles of the parking lots looking for people to be backing out of a space. They will stop and motion the driver out only then to pull behind the car to cause an accident. They will deny waving the person out and they will have injuries from a minor impact accident. Their attorney will tell you so. But they can't do that when you are facing them. Pulling out forwards from a parking space is just plain safer.

Rachel said...

Hmm, when you put it like that, it actually does make sense. Although I still agree with Mike that backing in so that you are facing the wrong way is no good.