Thursday, January 03, 2008


I have never participated in a strike. I don't really have much of an opinion on them, to be honest. I assume that the people striking feel that they have one or many grievances that need to be addressed, and that they would like to be taken seriously.

So why, I ask you, do they do very silly things while striking? I was also listening to NPR this morning on the way in (as I admit to doing every nerdiness was established long ago on this site, so no shame) they were covering the writers' strike in LA. And what do I hear in the background? Singing. And not just any singing...I'm thinking I've heard this before...ah, yes, the song from "Remember the Titans" (everywhere we go...people want to know...who we we tell them...). Granted, one of the picketers probably wrote that song, but it still didn't come across as particularly dignified. And the chants are usually stupid too (hell no, we won't go!). I mean, really.

In DC, they have this huge inflatable rat that they camp out in front of the building where I assume the Man and his friends reside. But it's like a communal union rat, because I've seen this same rat all over town, and for different unions and causes. I wonder if the AFL-CIO headquarters keeps this rat and then lends it out, like a library book? I wonder if they'll let me check it out?

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