Monday, January 14, 2008

The Weekend in List Form (hello, lazy!)

Bob and Edith's French toast with coffee, catching up with Ryan about life after law/grad school.

Double, double, toil and it yourself beer brewing here. Tried something called a chocolate donut stout, which I was a little skeptical about but it was in fact delicious.

Much, much tutoring. Spanish and world history. The subjunctive and the scientific revolution. I'm going to be so glad when mid-terms are over (but not as happy as the students!).

Such good movies! Finally finished "Once" (was already lovin' the soundtrack), and PBS' Masterpiece series is doing all Austen for the next few weeks (swoon!). This week was "Persuasion," next up is "Northanger Abbey."

Attempted some cooking, but forgot to buy the major ingredient for my intended lunch for the next few days. Oops. But was solaced by the almond/bacon/cheddar spread from the cookbook Holly gave me for Christmas (drool).

Hope your weekends were good too!

1 comment:

Ebony said...

You got to see Ryan...yay! And the french toast doesn't sounds too shabby either.