Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I often have random associations with songs. And I just got a new mp3 player in the mail yesterday - it holds LOTS more songs than my former one (which was stolen off my desk, or I would still discussed with the phone situation, I am too cheap to upgrade voluntarily). So with all of the music on it, I'm on a very bizarre walk down memory lane.

For instance: "Shake Ya Ass" by Mystikal. This song was huge my junior year of college. And because I have so much space on this thing, I sort of threw whatever on there. This song makes me think of Ebony's mom. She LOVED this song. I think the exact quote was "He sounds like James Brown!" I just think it's awesome that this dirty rap song makes me think of a little Hispanic woman in Austin.

Another one, not up on the shuffle deck just yet but the Mystikal song makes me think of it, is "Up in Here" by DMX. It makes me think of Joi's dad, because apparently he used the phrase "Y'all goin' make me act a fool" in his everyday life, prior to the song coming out. I totally love that.

Some more:
"Mundian to Bach Ke" (Panjabi MC) = African-ish bar in France and Cuba Libres
"2 Times" (Ann Lee) = drunk guy friends singing falsetto in a London flat
"Lady Marmalade" (the Moulin Rouge version) = blow-up plastic microphones and Babs, Eb, and me dancing in our campus apartment.

Tell me yours!


Holly said...

What kind of mp3 player did you buy?

I just bought myself a 30 GB iPod while I was at UT last week (they give a ridiculous discount for all products Apple). Awesome!! I stole a lot of Aaron's musak :)

Oh, I met his new girlfriend. Very cute, very nice :)And smart too- she's an architectural engineering major. Where does he meet all these smart girls?!

danielle said...

i'm going to look like a dumbass, but you know the "brush your shoulder off" song (i cannot for the life of me rember the title...)? well, i associate that with some random tuesday night i went to 6th street with a random group of people and got totally plastered and danced to that song like 8 times (it was on in ever bar!)

i also associate "pour some sugar on me" with a pike pledge party at which i danced on a picnic table to that song.

Rachel said...


The picnic table dancing totally made my day. Thanks for that :).

Anonymous said...

where are my lion pictures?

Miss Anthrope said...

Nice blog! Just stumbled upon it by accident, really. Anyway, if you liked that Panjabi MC song, you might also like "Tunak Tunak" by Daler Mehendi. I like M.I.A. and Bond too... yes, I have eclectic tastes. :)