Monday, June 26, 2006

Fun new twist on an old, old forward-type thing

So I saw this on Danielle's and Babs's blogs, and loved it and decided to play along.

I know you're all disappointed that this isn't about my time in Huntsville, Alabama and Space Camp and all, but oh my dear lord there are photos to post so very soon...and they can be summed up in two words: taxidermy convention.

But back to the forward-thing:

Google your answers to the questions/topics and choose a picture from the first page and post it.*

Where I was born:
Where I live now:
My name:
My favorite food:

My favorite drink:
My favorite superhero:

My favorite smell:
My favorite TV show:
My favorite sport:

My pet's name:

My favorite color:
My favorite holiday:

My favorite vacation:

*Although I would like to add that I didn't exactly do this so much as run a Google image search and picked the one on the first row that I liked. I had good intentions, but it didn't really go very quickly and it was either search for images or scrap the idea entirely...


Anonymous said...

again, where are my lion pictures?

tracy. said...

i tried to play this game. it sounded fun. but when i googled "tracy"- all of the photos were of naked girls. now i feel really funny. are tracys supposed to be porn star? should i change my career? or just my name?

Rachel said...

I ran a google search on your name too - lots of naked girls, you were right. Perhaps "Tracy" is from the Latin word for topless?

Miss Anthrope said...

Cool idea for a blog!