Monday, March 20, 2006

My first meme-thing...does this make me one of the cool kids?

Four Jobs I’ve Had:
-coffee barista...twice
-summer nanny for 4 kids (which fits in nicely with this theme, no?)
-receptionist in posh British hotel
-substitute teacher

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over:
-Garden State
-When Harry Met Sally

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch:
-Grey's Anatomy
-Er...I guess Desperate Housewives
-Oprah (but only certain shows)

Four Places I’ve Been on Vacation:
-Estes Park
-Monaco/St. Jean Cap Ferrat

Four Favorite Dishes:
(these are the first four that came to mind, not a definitive list!!)
-creme brulee
-fried chicken
-fatteh blahmeh (sounds weird, tastes like Lebanese heaven)
-queso and chips

Four Websites I Visit Daily:
-daily mumps
-hotmail (compulsively...)
-que sera sera (always optimistic for an update)
-Washington Post games (sudoku, anyone?)

Four Places I’d Rather Be:
-napping on the hammock in my parents' screened-in porch
-sunning on a beach (any beach) with a good book
-skiing in Colorado
-drinking a margarita in Austin

Four Others I’d Like to Tag:
(I SO do not know enough bloggers for this...)
-Joi (who could use a break from lawyering)
-E (which, if she does it, I will post in her absence of a blog. But really, start a blog already, E!)
-Sarah (ditto)

1 comment:

danielle said...

this clearly makes us cool now. if dooce did it, then we have to be!

and i'm right there with you on sudoku.