Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Come On! Feel the Illinoise!

Okay, so I'm a little mad at all of you. Why didn't anybody tell me that Sufjan Stevens was going to rock my freakin' socks off??!! Seriously people, when I think of the hours I've wasted listening to lesser music, I get a little depressed.

Yet I only need to crank up "Chicago" and hear the opening notes and I am happy again. And then I perhaps set the repeat and listen to it over and over again for a couple of hours.


Stereoette said...

dont blame me. i've been waving the banner flag of my Future Husband Sufjan Stevens for years now. Do you not read my blog? How did you miss my blissful "i am listening to Suf and all is well in the world" entries?

I lurve him.

And he's purdy, too...

Rachel said...

Okay, so the funny thing is, I have NO MEMORY of reading about him on your blog.

But listening to him and seeing a picture, I totally thought to myself, "Joi needs to date him. He's definitely her kind of guy." Not to mention you could hook me up with tickets to a concert! But seriously, can I pick a guy for you or what?!