Monday, November 07, 2005

Perhaps there is just a cold dark hole where my heart should be

But I didn't find the dramatic scene in Desperate Housewives at all sad last night. (In case you missed it: lady runs into street wearing wedding dress and begs boyfriend not to leave her, he drives off leaving her screeching in the middle of the road). Actually, I'm not the least bit sympathetic to her - she lied like crazy and this are the consequences. I know how I was supposed to be reacting, but not so much. Good try writers, but this one didn't even hook me a little bit.


Ebony said...

I see your point. Susan in tears wasn't all that moving, but there was something about all of the ladies standing on their porches watching her crumble and then run out towards her that got me a little. I guess it's something about the friends in need theme--or maybe just that I am a big softee, and that's cool too.

Rachel said...

Okay, you also make a valid point. I think I was just so annoyed by that point that I was done with the entire story.

Paige said...

I found the scene mildly heartwrenching, except it truly exemplifed ugly crying. She just looked so silly that I had a hard time taking her seriously.