Monday, November 21, 2005

Hey guys, I know it's been awhile.

The other night E and Gina and I went to this WEIRD dance thing. Now, I would like to believe that with a fairly extensive arts background, that I could appreciate just about any form of dance. But this thing was strange. And I kept thinking, am I missing something? Are these people around me just more intellectual and in touch than I am, and for some reason does this relate to them and not to me? But no, I think they were all just faking it for the sake of being trendy. The dance troupe had gotten good reviews from other people (who I also think were faking it) and no one wants to appear stupid - I mean The Washington Post liked it, so we should too!

The "dancing" mostly consisted of strange posing to odd noises...some of which were music, others were spoken word, others involved some loud and rather grating ululating woman. There was a beautiful violin solo, but the dancer didn't really do anything with the music. And the most frustrating thing was the fact that the dancers looked like they could do incredible things if they wanted to - they were muscled beyond belief, not an ounce of fat. So I was hoping for BIG JUMP! and all I got was weird pose after weird pose, and oh wait, that was an awkward pose. Something to change it up I guess.

But the good news: I only spent $15 for the ticket. And I got a night at the Kennedy Center and dinner in the Terrace Cafe with two friends. Totally worth it.

Oh, and as a side note, one of the dancers had in her bio that her hobbies were minimalism and existentialism. Doesn't she sound like a barrel of laughs?!

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Stereoette said...

Rachel, I am thrilled... *THRILLED* to know I am not the only one of my friends to waste money on such things ;o)

However, in the exact opposite of what you just experienced... its ALVIN AILEY SEASON HERE IN NYC!!!! YAY!

I hope to make it down to DC sometime decently soon, too (although sadly not for your party this weekend)...