Friday, November 21, 2008


Some of my favorite quotes from my unplanned trip to Texas:*

Me: And Jaime is coming you remember Ebony's friend Jaime?
Brianna: Yeah! She can stick out her tongue and touch her nose! And she has a house with stairs in it!
(Oh to be remembered for such awesome facts. Seven is a great age.)

Overheard from a lady nearby at the nail salon: Yeah, he thinned out my hair last time I went in for a cut.
Elly, later: What I don't understand is why are you going to thin out your hair if you're just going to poof it all up anyway?!
(One of the great Texan mysteries)

Lindsey, eyeing baby booties I knitted for friends: Oh my gosh, these are so cute! Make me something! What are you going to make me? Ooo, make me a hat! I would love a hat! Or socks! Make me socks! Wait, I hate socks. Don't make me socks.

*Perhaps to be updated as I remember more things.

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