Monday, October 20, 2008

Dire Warnings

I've been rather chuckly lately over the widely varying personal political views that I'm exposed to as a side effect of my life. The consistent theme that intrigues me the most is the need to impart the IMMEDIATE DANGER which I would face should _____ win the election. It comes from both sides in pretty equal amounts. So apparently it doesn't matter who I vote for, since the world's going to end either way.*

*Ha, kidding. I know it matters. But it's none of your business, that's for sure.

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minkj said...

Ha, this is great. I feel your pain as I am bombarded with other people's, eh, we'll call them 'roadways to success that if you don't follow we will all end up in a hell worse than we can imagine' scenarios at work.
I'm with you on this one that my choice is exactly that.
Political discourse is good, but to all those who feel the need, don't you dare try to force feed me your thinking. I'm an adult. I vote. And I can be trusted to make an informed decision. But thanks for assuming otherwise. Heh. Enjoyed the post!