Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh So Lovely

Hey kids, it's almost Memorial Day Weekend!

I know I should tell you that I have something patriotic or such planned, but mostly I'm looking forward to a relaxed weekend...a little shopping here, little seafood in Annapolis there, and hopefully lots and lots of sunshine. I need a little vitamin D in my life - this has been the winter that wasn't all that tough, but WILL NEVER END.

So no work on Monday! I'm heady with the riches of three days in front of me. What are your plans?


Ebony said...

I'm spending part of the weekend here:
Very excited!

danielle said...

oooo, wine festival! sounds fun ebony.

i'm ALSO going to be in austin, for my bachelorette party/weekend :)

sounds like we all have good times a head!